As a young boy of 9 years old I marveled over watching skilled craftsmen add a Great Room, Dining Room and Bathroom to my families home. Everyday after school I would pester the tradesmen asking question after question to each of the sub contractors on what, when and how they were doing their jobs. At this early age I knew I was going to become a builder and craftsman. At age 13 I built my first room addition which became my bedroom, I also built a shaping room and workshop. At age 16 I totally remodeled my parents mountain home. During High school woodshop classes my teacher really took me under his wing and while other students were making jewelry boxes and turning bowls, I made a grandfather clock for my parents and a full size pool table and a 21 foot boat with a cabin. I won awards for my projects and then I made 8 grandfather clocks 4 in Black Walnut and 4 in Oak, then sold them all and realized how rewarding it was to be an Artisan. I then went through the Building Technology Program at Brigham Young University and framed, plumbed and wired countless homes in Utah. At age 22 I was the contractor that changed the luxury 12 story Seville apartments into Condominiums in La Jolla Calif. We did 4 models and as people purchased them we would handle in-house all the remodeling, custom millwork, custom cabinetry and custom furniture. Then my father and I partnered up to build many custom homes, Duplexes and Tri-plexes. Then came many Doctor's, Dentists and Lawyers offices and they were so happy with our work we were then contracted to do their homes and their childrens homes. Then we did 58 Rubio's Fish Taco restuarants. We have done over 40 Weigand/Neglia Homes and remodels along with 7 Liggatt Development Homes and countless other clients over this 40 year journey. My son Darren has grown up in the shop and field he has sawdust in his blood. There are so many things now, he does better than his old man. I am happy to be working side by side with my son. We can make ANYTHING you can dream of! Four decades of designing and building, I am living the dream! What's your dream? call: 760-930-WOOD.